Ez-b, I Would Like You To Meet Nodejs


Sorry for no posting any videos or code updates, I will try my best to make it happen sometime this month


This is a quick video showing how to control your EZ-B from a web browser.
Do not forget to install Nodejs before running the web app. Maybe I will add nodejs binaries in the future to avoid this step.


Just a quick question.

Do you need all the controls to be added in EZ-Builder before you can add them to the Web UI? Or could you just have a blank project with only the connection control, then have everything else done via the web UI?

Also, is it possible to save the web ui?


@Rich you don't need to add all the controllers to EZ-Builder except for the Script-Manager and the Movement Panel. This is because I'm not using the SDK but the TCP Server built-in EZ-Builder, I will overcome those limitations as soon as I start using the SDK. The next version of the web application will allow to save the web ui. Thanks for the review, I will make some changes soon.


That's what I had thought, just wanted confirmation really Smile

I'll be testing it out shortly, well when I get chance.


Just installed node.js, your ez-b package as well. Downloaded the executable. Followed your video in this thread; step by step. I see the Web server running on localhost 8080 window with the okay button as in your video. Then I browse to localhost:8080 I don't see the node.js app; I just see the EZ-Builder http server webpage:

EZ-Builder - 8/3/2014 1:05:51 PM
Remote Control


Camera List

... etc.

What do I need to do the see the node.js web page?

Please, ignore this post. I had the http server control running...duh.

All is functioning as you demonstrated. Winky


Awesome, I am glad is working for you.....


Project looks very nice. Are you still supporting it with questions and code updates?


Sure, I'm still waiting for my new ez-b but I can totally test on the old board.