Release 2013.02.02.00


Thanks DJ i will work on it now. Smile


By the way is there a way to separate Joystick 1 from direction pad? I'm in need of more buttons or joystick because i'm controlling a mobot with head and an arm. The arm itself consist of 9 servos.


@Cirkeith Deselse "Joystick #1 uses Movement Panel" in the config menu


Hello my name is Joe Kopinec work program on Czech computers thank you for your reply. Frown


Computer Culture has the Number Decimal Separator set to a ','. This setting needs to be a Period ',' for all EZ-Robot software to work.

EZ-Builder will now close

Do you have a solution, I have windows 7 in French ?



Hi! As the message reads, change your region to use a period instead of coma. Programming environments require periods for decimal separator - this is an industry standard.

This is done by changing the region to a value that uses a period for decimal.

Also, windows 7 is not supported as it has been discontinued by Microsoft due to its age, as you see in the EZ-Builder startup message.