Release 2013.02.02.00


I had a long wait on a plane and decided to whip out a few more features from my little brain. Hope you enjoy this latest release of EZ-Builder Smile


- The Cheat Sheet when editing EZ-Script is way cooler. It displays every feature for every control, including audio tracks in soundboard, positions for AutoPosition, and more! So you simply only need to click on the ControlCommand() and it will insert into your script. Voila, some kinda magic!

- New Control: Servo Summary. This is an all-in-one servo control that displays position and speed. It also lets you adjust. It doesn't work like a Horizontal or Vertical Servo Control because it doesn't perform multiple servo positioning... Because this control is literally only for display summary. It's pretty wicked.

- New EZ-Script command: GetPWM()

- Servo Sliders display the direction for dragging as a little icon next to the position value

Decimal Change
If you receive the error, this is because your culture is not set to use a Period as a decimal seperator.

Visit the Control Panel -> Region -> Additional Settings -> Change decimal from a , to .

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Servo Summary
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Damm, very nice upgrade. We gotta get you stuck in the airport more often! Grin


I hate the long wait and took so many trips last time i wated was over 3 hours,plane last late
good you had time,i mostly watch movies on my laptop while waiting.

another item can do while waiting is work on EZB scripts


Very nice... new features on the ControlCommand() super :-)


I have this message and EZ-Builder don't start :

Computer Culture has the Number Decimal Separator set to a ','. This setting needs to be a Period ',' for all EZ-Robot software to work.

EZ-Builder will now close

Do you have a solution, I have windows 7 in French ?



Allo... j'avais le même problème. La solution remplacer la virgule par un point dans ta configuration de région du panneau de contrôle de ton Windows.


Merci pour l'astuce, ça a fonctionné. Winky


Hi to all I'm Having problem with an Xbox 360 wireless controller on EZB, the buttons for the Movement Panel Doesn't work then R1 and R2 Button is configured as Joystick 3 X-axis. I will be greatful to any Solution or suggestion Thank you Smile


I have the same "problem" but the solution is to use Joystick 3 X-Axis as if it was Joystick 2's, Joystick 2's X-Axis are RT and LT and the directional pad doesn't function. Not ideal I know but it works (except for the D-Pad).


The XBox controller is not native to windows and may require a few tweaks. Every control has a ? next to the X (Close) button. If you press the ? you will be directed to a tutorial page for that control. Read the text on the tutorial page and verify you have the correct settings configured for your joystick.