Original Movie Rc Johnny 5 For Sale


hmm! Let me check my Other pocket. hmm ......sorry. Fresh out of cash.

I would love to have him. An EZB would turn him into something soooo special.

that is NOT the BUY it Now price. That was just the highest bid. 15,100 now bid.


Robotmaker can afford it


That IS right. I forgot about his little 250K extra pocket change.


Awww. I saw this too late. Oh well.. Smile
It went for $16,100 as a winning bid. Can't someone build a full size one for that much?!


I'm sure someone could, J5 was pretty simplistic... but not simplistic enough for me to make!..


I am starting on a full size JOHNNY FIVE ROBOT
[url=http://www.input-inc.com/projectprogress.html]jonny five site[/url
this site has some plans made and almost done
i also bought the movie wooden prop