First Real Look At My Ez-b Controlled Full Size Lis B9 Robot


WOW! Came to mind immediately. Excellent craftsmanship. Nice work!


Thanks again for all this kudos everyone.

Danger, I understand and thank you for the suggestion. It seems like a solution I may end up going with. However I wanted to keep him "stand alone". Meaning that anyone in the room could "chat" with him, including myself, by just speaking to him normally.

Again, thanks for the interest,
Dave Schulpius


Looks like a very good project.
Should take to a show,a guy from this forum THOMAS my friend has a life size robot just like yours and has a photo of it and with him and real creator of it BOB may
and he goes to the show alot,i forgot the name of the show,but its where all life size robots show what they can do.
i got that same joke about the robot i guess you got it off the robot movie with robin willams playing in it
my long term project is JOHHNY FIVE from short circuit.
the site that is working on the plans is


The next few vids I've already shown off here in other threads. However I thought I'd consolidate them here in my project thread. I hope to be more active in posting here in the weeks to come. We'll see if I have the time.


I was showing off for a few friends over the holidays. Here's B9 telling us who he is and the laws he lives under. Right now he's working off the main EZ-B in the torso. You can see the lower EZ-B pulsing in his lower section. It's not active for this vid. Enjoy:


Here's a video of the lower section's waist rotation and a couple other things working from lower and second of two EZ-B's. I finally learned how to hold a camera! Enjoy:


B9 Discovers women for the first time:


Here's a vid of EZ-B controlling the waist rotation motor through EZ-Script in EZ-Builder. I Never thought I'd be able to pull this off but it works great! Enjoy:

Now I'm working on the radar and then up into the bubble where a 3rd EZ-B will control everything up there. One thing I'm hoping to pull off is a tracking camera up there that will tell EZ-Builder someone is walking past and his body and radar unit will turn along with that person. Now that will be spooky.

Thanks, Dave Schulpius


Impressive Build DAVE! very neat and professional as well. Voice commands of course are ulitimate but have you thought of a remote as backup for the routines/tests? I will def be doing that for FRED.
Very cool vid of "under the hood" btw! and your comment about "aging eyes" made me snicker as I think I am the president of the "aging eyes" club round here!(forum) Smile The talking B9 is sooo retro I luv it! I chuckled when I heard B9-D (dave) speak the second law where "a robot must obey orders given to it by a human being.....etc" ....unless its HARD of hearing as in "robot take a bow" Smile
Thanks for sharing! I hope to do the same when my project gets going as well! |(steampunk head/torso) THAT for retro!....Wild wild West...the original BTW..I am sure you watched that one! Smile


I so love this project! You are really doing an incredible job.


I second that Brett! Iam presuming that you to are a B9 fan...based on your avatar?