Meet The Smart Saltwater Aquarium Powered By Ez Robot


Ez Robot community I wanted to introduce my latest application of this system. Some members hear already know I keep two salt water aquariums one coral which unfortunately died off and my predator tank. Sea life needs delicate balance maintained in their little ecosystem. Things like light spectrum , temperature, ph balance , current of water , nitrate and ammonia levels and calcium levels. These things take a practiced hand to maintain. I am building a new system and using ez b to monitor salinity, nitrates and ammonia, temp , water current flow and the ph. The ADC ports are useful for these and EZ board can control the current and switching to a backup power supply ( a apc for computers inside the cabinet to keep ezb and pumps powered). Also the ezb can turn on and off night , morning , day , and evening lighting settings. With a custom injection device im designing ezb can provide nutrients , calcium and even medicine if levels are out of wack. I started the build today and I am very excited!
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I already ordered the filtration canisters and pumps from bulk reef supply today. I wanted a very classy looking cabinet that is suitable as furniture if there was not a tank on top. Unfortunately they tank stands made these days are either poor quality or they are made of good quality but look horrible. I solved this problem by finding a tv stand cabinet that looked great and then let the modding begin....


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This is the walmart cabinet assembled and had a fake woodgrain. I tried painting the top but latex paint did not like the laminate. I had to spray primer down to get the black latex paint to stick.


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This was only made to hold a 75 pound tv. I went to home depot and had 3/4" plywood cut. The bottom of the cabinet only had 3 sides touching the floor. Front and sides. The plywood was installed and the back and extended all the way down to the floor and is now a 4 side supporting the load of the tank. Also we cut a bottom to support all four sides with 2 inch screws. On the back I predrilled and screwed the 2 inch screws in 5 inches apart.


At this point we beefed it up with 60 2 inch screws and 4 pieces of plywood. We can all stand on it now. Thats over 500 pounds.


Man Josh, you are quickly becoming the EZ-B King!


That's awesome! Like you said, saltwater tanks are very hard to maintain. I ran a mini reef tank for a few years And had great success after I learned the best way to maintain it. Saltwater tanks are not for the faint of heart. When I first started out I killed a whole tank of very expensive fish and learned some hard lessons.

I too couldn't find a stand I liked so I built an enclosed, hooded one out of oak. The frist problem I had was ventilation. With all the lighting needed in a reef tank the water temperature really shot up. Remember to put lots of fans with lots of ways for the heat and humidity to escape. I'm sure you know heat is a killer. E-B can help you with that also!

One more suggestion, seal the inside with a good marine clear coat.

I'll be watching your progress. What fun!

Dave Schulpius


I apparently kill goldfish and neon tetras by watching them... my stress flows away... into them and they die by the dozens Tongue The only fish I managed to keep alive for a long time was a Siamese fighting fish... after i dropped it from the bag into a cement sink full of soap suds then scooping back out with my bare hands and into his new bowl... after that ordeal I think it found my stress vibes quite soothing Grin

I will now be content to observe Josh's fish instead... want to set up a fish cam Josh?... Muuhhaahahah Tongue


Sure lol. Thats a cool idea


You could set up a P&T cam and track various fish/colours/movment as well as remote monitoring... interesting to see if face tracking picks up anything Tongue