Everybody, Meet "phil":)


I'm kinda copying the motion sequence of the old board.


I like it Smile Makes me want to get into bipeds now... just another 'roundtoit to add to my collection Tongue

Would you consider uploading your program so we can look at it? I don't have a biped, nor am likely to get one soon, but I catch on best by example, so seeing how someone else did something with auto position helps me learn quicker (even if just by comparing the steps with the video)... and your steps here look complex enough to really bite into Smile

Looking forward to your progression.


I still have alot of work to do, phil doesn't walk yet. but, here ya go.phil.EZB


Looks like Phil is coming along well.
I am working on a humanoid also.
Auto position helps a great deal.



Cool moves!


That's one bad ass bot!


User-inserted image
Just got around to installing the camera Grin


I love the Cowboy Bebop background... that and your camera angle adds to Phil's majestic pose Grin


I love your bot kenny. Your one of the first members to tinker with bipeds and the ezb Smile . If you dont mind sharing a secret or two .... what voltage are you running on your servos and what brand and torque rating are they? Thanks I look forward to watching your progress! - Josh S.