Jarvis Hacked Omnibot 2000 W Pc ,ezb & Vacuum Inside By Josh Starnes


Jarvis is a project inspired in part by Jarvis the AI that belongs to Tony Stark in the movie and comic book series IRON MAN. This is my first real robot with no previous experience. I dreamed of making a couple of robots one was a vacuum robot with 4 motors. Brush, impeller, and one motor.driving each wheel. This was back in 98 before roomba was thought of. Lol my drawings as a kid even resembled one. Now that I am older and have tools like EZ Robot I can start making these dreams come true. It has been a learning experience and I hope to learn more. Jarvis is basically my personal computer but also will have a few key features. Goals are that he can help maintain a home by vacuuming and sweeping the floors. My fish need to be taken care of while I am away so scheduled feedings and turning tank lights on in the morning and off at night are in the works. Jarvis can answer calls , act as a telepresence device because he has a camera and screen. He would be great for security by detecting motion, taking pictures or video and sounding.alarm if intruders are detected. Just for fun I would like Jarvis to bring cold beers to the table when asked to which I am sure would be a great conversation piece. Jarvis will be autonomous in some.situations and because of the wireless video link by wifi and wireless keyboard and mouse, I can be checking facebook on either the upstairs or downstairs Tv while Jarvis is roaming the house or cleaning. Thanks to 4g USB antenna Jarvis is not limited to my home and can.take control quest (or kill.switch.lol) from a smart phone or laptop. This makes the Jarvis project.show friendly as I can take.him to show off without lugging around a laptop or other equipment. Also i do plan to somhow work in being able to control his base movements , head ect from a ps3 bluetooth.controller. I'm still thinking of other tasks Jarvis could do but I gotta get this guy together so there is no time to waste!

February 1012 when I first received the Tomy Omnibot 2000 . My starting main parts were/are asus mini itx motherboard, 8 GB ram , Win 7, 250gb Western Digital Hard Drive, Nvidia 560ti graphics card, 2 ghz AMD 25watt tdp dual core CPU, Thermaltake 430 watt psu, 460 watt apc backup, Ez Board Kit w EZ WIRELESS CAM , Shark vx63 cordless vacuum, 4 Power Sonic batteries 12v 9ah , power HD 240 oz servos, hitec 645mg 130oz in servos, hitec 5995tg 400 oz in servos , Robotzone.gearbox 5 to 1 ratio for shoulders and other electronics.

At this time im getting the body ready to start putting things together. The fun begins!
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First post (er...reply?)
Looking sweet! Im jealous!


Thanks Troy, I am looking forward to getting him together. It looks like I may start installing equipment soon because.my.painter is busy this week . That's ok. It still would be great to see Jarvis mostly assembled even if he is still grey. I would like to have him rolling around in some capacity before Halloween , freak some kids out lol , drive him in a movie theater lol. I know the people at the local radioshack would be surprised to see him.


Or the local shopping mall. Smile

PS. Dont forget EZ-Robot signs/stickers on the robot. You might not be permitted to hand out flyers though.


Oh that's a good one too! Lol


Just dont bring lil bro's Warrior camo omni to any theaters or malls. lol
We might not see it for a while as it may be processed as evidence. LMAO


Oh IM sure it would get some attention from people thinking those guns are real lol


Feb 1012? You are much older than you look. Also, you have been working on the project a very,very long time. micro processors were not even out until 1975.

ha!ha! -I'm Joking. Jarvis looks Professional. Can't wait until he is assembled. Good work Josh!



I am so anxious to see the arms moving. I still cant image how they will move the way you want them to with the heavy duty servos. Pls upload a video when you have one moving.
PS Have you had a chance to mail out the spares?