Meet Pinhead!


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It's just a concept right now but I wanted others to see that the scale doesnt quite match. Right now its just stacked on there and neck is a little too long.


I think it looks good.



Thanks. It looks a little smaller than in this photo for some reason. Anyways I think it will add to his comical nature. lol


I really like it.


When I saw there was a headless Omni2000 on eBay I decided to go for it. Smile I thought it would go for cheap and it did. About $65.


looks very good,i kinda had a idea like it for mine too


@robotmaker They seem to be harder to find on eBay than Omni2000s. :/ I had an email alert for when it finally showed up. Also robotmaker I may be hitting you up later on recommendations for batteries and power charging system with an embedded PC board. It wont be as high end as Jstarnes though.


glad you where able to get him


@Glickclik - HEY! I was bidding on that headless Omnibot 2000 too! Oh, well, all's fair in love & eBay... Winky I'm just glad someone here won it. It was perfect to be EZ-B-ified.

btw, what is his head from again? What's it called?


@JT Sorry :/ I knew I would be bidding against someone here. We are the only ones that would take a broken robot. LOL The head is from Mr Clock Radio. Check you tube to see how much it moves.