My First Robot "minion"


I almost want to give it a hug , poor underpaid minions... Lol


The Maker Faire is in San Mateo, CA. DJ Sures said he will be there. I am a Bay Area local and already have my tickets to the Maker Faire. :o) I am excited if you can't tell.

@JS yeah this poor guy works for even less. Well doesn't work quite yet. It's getting there.


but the poor guy has a pretty lady creating him
i wont be able to make the maker faire this year


I love this idea, he is really unique!!!


Awww thank you robotmaker. Very sweet!

Thank you Bret. I was going for something different.


That is Nice work!



Great work!!!!! very original.......Great big is it?.....will it be moving? what are you using to make it move?


Yes! It will be on wheels. If you look at the first post. I have links for the base I am using. So far it does not move. Place order and waiting for some additional items. Almost done.



What a great idea you had with your minion. That is just awesome! Can't wait to see your minion in action! Very crafty you are!




my older sister in crafts alot,like stainglass works,tiling tables that she found in a trash piles,and ceramic stuff and more,my youngest sister has a art major,about the same stuff plus making all natural oils from scratch,me not great in art only science and biology top high school honors
very in to animal rights,love all types of animals ,almost as much i love ROBOTS
BEEN TO MOST ZOO'S IN USA and one in china