Robot Yard Gnomes , Look Like Stone


Hey guys , in efforts to decorate my flower bed I am making some gnomes. Regular gnomes are lame so why not Robot gnomes!?

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here is the first attempt from the Walle toy , I am on the fence about the color but my house is a light brown mouse color.

I just sprayed an old Robbie jr Robot I found for a few bucks on Ebay and a Tyco NSECT is next!


Rustoleum stone is what I tried
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Lol, awesome. Looks like Wall-E gazed upon the face of Medusa!


Haha , yup! Thanks


Another Robot , needs touchup but this is a daytime sho
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User-inserted image


How cleaver! Love it. Smile


I love your idea for robot gnomes. I may have to do something similar.


I need to pickup more of this paint, it is 5.50 a can so It does have a bit of cost. Each of these robot used a whole can and they really need a little more.

NSECT Tyco robot 01 x 2

Recon 6 Rover

Omnibot / airsolft bot

Rattler Airsoft bot.

Rad 1.0 non working bot

I guess old bots I don't use anymore I can immortalize in stone Smile


You should put a time capsule message inside them.


I thought about putting led pods under them for a afterglow effect at night , who knows, I am so random sometimes.