Laikago $25,000 Robot Dog From China


You can apparently buy a Laikago for $25K USD (although I could not find pricing on their website just an intention to buy It looks somewhat similar to Boston Dynamics Spot I think it would make a good platform to add Robot Arms, LIDAR, Cameras etc, just plugin your EZ-B :-). If you visit their website they have a developers edition (Looks like it is same as production but no battery - connect to mains I guess) and they also sell individual servo's and controllers (out of stock). The battery is a 100A LiPo by the look of it and can charge between 5A to 10A. Shipping this will be fun.


Cassie from Agility Robotics was supposed to be for sale now as well but have not heard about pricing from them.


I wonder if it can do stairs ?


@ZebraStripes For that money it better do dishes and clean my house...


What would someone buy it for?


Black Friday shopping at Walmart.

Seriously I guess anywhere you want to carry something across rough terrain or in difficult areas to move. Autonomous Pizza / food delivery (think self driving car on steroids) in a downtown city climbing stairs etc but you would need a stack of batteries and keep swapping them out. probably really need to be a hybrid wheels and robot legs as moving actuators consumes a lot of energy and in wheel mode probably use less than a quarter of the power.

I am sure if someone gave me one for Christmas I would work out what to do with it.


@Nink... I'll stick with my $35 MEC Co-op back pack for now... Tongue And I'll just get my girlfriend to carry the heavy stuff over rough terrain and difficult areas... Grin


If someone saw an unattended robot carrying pizza or package, they'd steal the robot. If it had "gps for tracking", they'd cover it with a metallic bag as a Faraday cage. Sell it for parts Smile


I guess that is a possibility. People steal cars, bikes etc all the time and they could cover faces so bots video doesn't capture who did it. Perhaps add a self destruct mechanism of skunk oil and bear spray so at least they get a surprise when it goes off, although I am not sure the pizza would taste very good after that.


I'd like more info on when they are available, id be interested to know how autonomous it is. I see in the video they are always carrying like a tablet computer to connect Wi-Fi, id like to see that interface or at least a list of what the software can do. They only allow you to fill out the intent to buy. Lots of questions before i plop down $25k (if that is the price).