Black Friday Sale On Ezb's Cool


20% off JD / Six / Roli / Battle as well as Revolution kits. Sweet!


Oh, and free shipping on orders over $100 Grin


Something I hear from the grape vine is people want a Ezb Tiny + Ez Cam combo in the store. Just feedback Smile Awesome Sale !


Jstarne1 - It’ll happen (IoTiny + Cam Combo) but the savings on the combo won’t be as good as the pricing this weekend! Smile


free chipping to belgium too ?


@Nomad I think so, I ordered some things myself today and the shipping was free to Sweden. Thanks for the great sale EZ team!



hi thanks for the info.


After careful consideration, I decided to buy the Revolution kit, I did the math and this was by far the best value for money. There are a lot of hidden servo's, motors and other components in this collection that are included in the various modules that you need to click on to get a full break down to see the total parts inventory. (at least I hope that is the case)

User-inserted image


Nice kit’do i see only one ezbv4 ?


@Nink - that bundled comes with about $1200 worth of parts. With another handful of HDD Lever Servos and 2 EZ-B’s it expands to build all 3 robots at the same time. The idea behind that bundle is to have the flexibility to create unlimited unique builds. You’ll have a blast!