Thank you @Mickey666Maus and @AndyRoid!

Thank you @Sebediah, and it was paper templates I created. I added .pdf of my template to my first post for the head piece and badges incase anyone else wants to make a JD Spock the same way. I also added the .stl for the phaser since it is sized for JD. I just got it from Thingiverse, all I did was adjust the size to look right in JD's claw. You can't tell in the video, but I detailed the heck out of his phaser when I painted it, I wanted to attempt a mini prop accurate version.

Thank you @Jeremie! Your thread on the BotMatrix Channel helped inspire me to create and contribute more in way of videos.

And seeing videos from SteveS and Patrick has also inspired me a lot as well.

I have plans for a series of videos related to "Spock's Brain" to show of some things I'm doing with brain building that I hope will inspire others.


Nice video visual effects...

You should try to create a JD Spock gun with a red laser, and program the Spock to start pointing the laser when a cat or dog are near.

Happy Thanksgiving !


Very cool Justin! Wouldn't mind seeing a close up picture or two of that phaser in detail then Smile
Looking forward to more videos from you, I'm just getting started myself but I'm planning to upload videos quite frequently as well.


Spock looks great well done...uniform coming up..?


Thank you @NEWAGETOMY! I don't think so for the uniform. I had tried a few uniform ideas including a Star Trek baby romper with the bottom cut off but all the ideas were too restrictive or I just didn't like the look.


@Sebediah I added a picture to my first post of the phaser. I dislike painting tiny things, it's frustrating because my fat fingers don't do well trying to do detail work, but I was happy how it turned out.

I'm debating about printing him a tricorder or not. My issue is I don't like the original series tricorder (especially for JD's scale) because it would just look like a box. But I could make cool newer version and maybe even put some LEDs in there or a real senor that plugs into him.


Nice work on the details on the phaser Justin! I know what you mean about painting tiny things being frustrating, my hands can get a bit shaky when I attempt stuff like that.

A tricorder with some actual sensors inside would be really neat! Imagine having one that checks temperature, maybe distance, and then have a camera in there doing object recognition, haha.


Building Spock's Brain pt1:


Thanks for the insightful video Justin! I definitely have to agree with your brain building rules, thanks for laying them out very clearly.



I believe I am going down the same road. I am creating text files each one is a different type memory such as BlankCanBlank or BlankIsInBlank. Each line is a Memory for example the BlankCanBlank.txt file might look like this:
The BlankIsInBlank would look like:

When the robot is online, he checks his memory first and if nothing is found sends what the human said to BotLibre and then writes to the correct file both question and response.

I have also just found an API that will give back questions and answers multiple choice and true/false. and it is free to use. IT is a trivia database api.

I have created a script to parse the JSON return and my robot now can do quiz me on trivia.
My bigger picture is to have him when idle to go get questions send them to BotLibre, then send the correct answer as well as store in local memory. This way he can learn on his own.

I guess I should do a writeup on the entire project instead of hijacking your thread.