Development Kit Robot


bioloid battle droid has same config.maybe you can check it there


is this a zowi robot ?


Yep with a new app. The thing I like about Zowi is it is Creative Commons but allows conmerical use. It easy to print and easy to integrate with EZB tiny (or an ezb v4.2 ). So EZRobot could put a robot together for an affordable price 4 Servos and ezb that I think would appeal to children. Easy to build, ez to program.


they are cheap one and do a ezbv4 make over. Grin


where can I buy one?

found it on Amazon $69.... after Christmas

If anyone upgrades it to EZB, please post



here and free chipping blue/yellow

zowi robot


Not sure what pre order means? Is that like going to a bar and getting handed an empty glass with the promise a passing inmoove may fill it.?


here is Amazon's ship date

User-inserted image



pre order means if the maker has enough clients to make the robot and to,
start the assemble line.if your lucky you have a robot in maybe a year.
dont contribute on stuff like indiego.its a rip off.


Since you built the 3D printed version and used EZB HDD servos, could you look at the retail version specs and figure out if EZB servos would fit?