Robot Blinds Control


in the old online manuel i did say that.but its gone now.
here a pic from my ipad with program alpha 1s

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DJ, that's an awesome idea. My wife has added that to my make list. Smile

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Nomad, That software option must void all battery dangers - which is why they added it as an option and most likely disabled by default. It's impossible to safely charge a lithium battery while it's under high current unpredictable load of servos/motors. Lithium batteries are far less forgiving than lead/nicad/etc.... in that lithium batteries explode much easier.

I would never, ever "play while charging" lithium batteries.


wow these chinese robots are dangerous.

thanks for the warning


I should add - that maybe their lab tests haven't experienced any harmful effects of charging while playing. Lithium batteries these days are quite robust, and the chargers are mostly smart enough to avoid over charging. So, maybe the charge while playing isn't AS dangerous as it could be, but it will surely put a significant load on the battery that will shorten its lifespan.

It's just that using the battery while charging is more complicated than we think. However, with solid state such as a computer or phone, it's much easier to moderate the battery's charge level. Also, there's normally two separate circuits in that type of device which isolates the battery during charging off mains.

The real issue becomes a problem when servo motors are introduced to the charging process. The servos move erratically by software and human control. Also, the servo motors are experiencing unpredictable loads based on weight from the real world. While this is happening in realtime, the charger which is monitoring the battery voltage and is constantly having to decide what the heck is going on. The charger is going to be always wondering why the battery voltage is fluctuating so much - and due to its binary charge operation, it'll be on/off/on/off/repeat.

Lithium batteries also really really really really (times a thousand) do not like to be over charged. In fact, their chemical makeup kind of prevents overcharging like nickel/lead by the way the battery works internally - which means overcharging doesn't excite the battery enough to produce higher voltage, such as with nickel or lead. Instead, the lithium battery gets super hot, which generates harmful gases and it explodes.

That's why lithium can dangerous - but so are most things, like steak knives and toothpicks... you just have to follow their operating instructions Smile


I routinely use my new iphone while it is charging. I do not consider it a cheap Chinese product.

The key is that the power supply has to be big enough to run the whole device, spikes and all. Any extra current it has in its capacity is sent to charge the battery which is not connected to the device at the time. High power FETs for the switching. Balance voltages are monitored during the charging,
I have no idea if this robot has that feature but it is pretty common.


Perry, read my comment. The device you're discussing is solid state and low power. Plus, iPhone has an isolated supply for the battery - something like that is very challenging with motors due to the current requirements. Above comment provides details on this subject Smile


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i read UB places some safety stuff in the robot.but that is not the only problem.
if you make poses and you get an update ,your poses are gone.
i had bouth a alpha2 on indiego,but now i cant get on there server,
means i have a useless robot.

great text about the batteries