I have purchased 2 ezb’s and was wondering two things. Where Can I mount them. And how do I connect both at once so the EZ-Builders can move in synchronization.


Hi and Welcome aboard!
You have some tutorials to do here and these solutions will soon become self evident but let's get started for now!

You can mount them wherever is convenient. Never mind my messy wiring as I am in the middle of a reconfig but here is mine.

User-inserted image

Both EZ's will connect to your home network. You can then access them both in the connect panel. See the top two IP's below.

User-inserted image

For now, connect one. Play with it and then integrate the second. I ran my bot for months before I got a second EZB



Yes welcome to EZB's forum. I too mount mind where Perry_s mounts his EZB's. I however, mounted it without the base so it would have more room when the PC table is mounted on the back cover. The only thing with my setup is it voids the warranty because of how I soldered the power wires. I used hot glue to mount my EZB's.

User-inserted image


Hi here is my solution. Simple assembly and disassembly EZBv4.



Hi @Drupp, Thanks for the mount. It makes things quick and easy for my new project. I will incorporate an audio jack support on the outside for my remote speaker.


Here is the mount I designed for mine.