Mecanoid Gets Overhauld By Ez


problem .how do i use two ezbv4 in one project.

bolt works separt on connection 0.but when i try connection 2 for the ,
second ezbv4 where i use the hbridge it dont connect do,
but doesn do the program for hbridge.

thanks anyone


hi here an idea to use the original mecanoid hands.


Love it. Quick and Easy and adds a lot of value. Nice work.


thanks Nink


Super creative nomad!


hi dj need to do replace the wires,3d kap


Love the ez-meccanoid Nomad r6 i have thought many of times revamping one with the ez-system before myself, very creative thinking cant wait to see your next update.


hi omegaproject

the mecca needs now 3d printing parts.i dont have one.
servo's are all HDD .maybe a real head too.


Nice, with the flat plastic parts and curved plastic parts, you could cut out steel or aluminum parts from sheets and make it from scratch, may need a metal bender tho or good heat resistant gloves and a blow torch to heat up the metal before bending. I thought of doing that as soon as i seen how easy it would be to assemble one, i though of a metal conversion



i live in a 1 room not much space to do anything.