Mecanoid Gets Overhauld By Ez


Which one will you be finishing first you think?


i think the mecanoid for now.
looking for longer rgb cable some 50 cm long.


Awesome looking forward to seeing it finished. Winky


i post when reddy here.


the rgb on mecanoid is really i need to find a place for ezbv4.

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You are indeed doing a great job on transforming Mecanoid to an EZ Robot.
That is great work on the arm.
Steve S


thanks steve S

lot of fun doing it.


Hi Patrick,

Happy to see your progress on the Mecanoid. It is coming along real nice.

Be Well,



thanks andy

friday parts will be here.bolt arms reddy.


ok.the Hbridge works so mecca can drive now.
things to do tomorow is chorten some wires.and see how i can get,
two ezb to work in 1 project.