Yeah, totally...I would love to see your setup in action!
Very interesting! I am also interested in connecting my robot to a learning algorithm to teach him how of to find certain positions in a virtual environment, but that is all somewhere in a galaxy far far away! Grin

Looks superdope, thanks for sharing! Smile


I shall upload a video later to show everything works. My main interest is the algorithms that run behind the scene. I am interested in getting this system to do just the sort of things you describe. When I get it to do something interesting I will video that.

Thanks for your comments.


Here is a video of my workbench functioning (very basically). All I have to do now is program. The bit I really like. However at this point I would like to iterate that my reason for showing the workbench was to show what I have learnt over the past two years with EZ and its community. As I stated earlier if you are keen to learn about robots this is the place to be. Anyway here is the video. One small point I refer to the slider controls as potentiometer. Strictly speaking that is incorrect as there are six potentiometers in the slider control. Now the video.


Wow - thanks for sharing and the kind words. It's great to see your setup. I like when people post their workbench setups almost as much as robots! Your bench and robot arms remind me of iron man's lab lol


By the way I hate making videos as you might have guessed by the quality and presentation. As I said earlier back to programming.

Once again thanks to all at EZ and the community.


Nice! Good work...... I have something similar that I have been working on... I am going to try and post a video as soon as I can... Smile


Thanks DJ, it is always good when you comment.


@tezsmith No worries your videos are great... Love the detail and your set up... Gives me ideas... Smile


Thanks for your comments Richard, much appreciated.


Nice set up. I can see it now, the turn table and the two arms sculpturing pottery.