Minion Project - Help With Eyes / Mouth


Hi everyone!

My name is Sohail, owner of YouTube channel KhanFlicks, and am seeking help for my robotic Minion project. I have plans to convert a Minion toy into a humanoid robot but am in need of help/guidance on how to take on making movable eyes (to follow with the camera) and a movable mouth (to be used with sound servos)

Here is a video I recently made of JD

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the EZ-B v4/2 Developer Kit along with some other goodies. I am pretty crafty so I can build things too. The minion itself stands 20 inches tall, I plan on removing the limbs and replacing it with the humanoid arms and legs. I wanted to replace the eyes with movable eyes and somehow insert a mouth that moves as well. I already downloaded a bank of sound effects for responses when you talk to the minion. I am really excited for this and can't wait for the minion to come in next week so I can start building. Let me know your thoughts Smile!

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I found this plush that looks to have physical eye balls which I will probably just buy to rig for the storage minion.

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Hi! Great to see you joining the community. I'm sure everyone will be excited to contribute - specially knowing your robot build will be featured on your YouTube channel.

The developer kit has some servo attachments. What if you attached a magnet to the back of an eye, and another magnet to the servo attachment. You csn then rotate the servo and the eye will magically move around as well.

Now it does only move in a circle. But you could get creative and attach another servo to the main servo. That will rotate it opposite direction and give you the left to right, up and down.

When I get home later, I can draw a sketch for you.


Oooo that's actually a great idea. I look forward to the sketch!


I haven't had a minute to sketch something yet - but stay tuned Grin

Does anyone else have suggestions for KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN?


Hi khanflicks,
In the past I have cut out the eye openings. I then used plastic eggs or balls of the size needed for the eyes and hot glued on to the servo arms. I then glued the servos on to shelves, and placed the shelves the so they fit into the head and eye opening. Once everything was running, I painted the eye pupil on the ball. Worked great.


Mouths are tough. I have few ideas at the moment.

I will be posting a minion I have been working on for a while soon. You motivated me to finish it. I still have 3 more in different stages of the build. I will try to get some pictures.