Release 2017.06.23.00


Getspeed and setspeed is a number between 0-255

If there are two speed sliders on the roomba control, then it supports two speeds and will work with dynamic turning.


@DJ The Map() function could be useful when 3rd party hardware doesn't match 0 - 255 as a speed control. Anyway, I think your dynamic turning ( and ez scripting) is pretty flexible and probably can be used with any 3rd party robot or controller... A little bit of math never hurt anyone... Smile


All ezrobot controls for speed accept 0-255. There's an internal mapping function in EZ-Builder for that.


Show me your roomba code and i'll show you how to turn it into a plugin with speed ability if you want


@DJ Here is a project I created when I was messing with roboRealm for visual navigation. It should provide you with info on how I use the custom Movement Panel and getting other info from the roomba... I am a little embarrassed because I am a little bit of a messy coder... Smile... Let me know if you need anything else...


Yeah looks like you should be using the Map function. Here's how to use it...


Map( input, inputMin, inputMax, containerMin, containerMax )
Returns a scaled value of input between containerMin and containerMax. Specify the known input’s minimum and maximum values, and the known container (output) values. For example, if you were to scale a value between -1 and 1 to 0 and 180, enter this, which returns 135.
Example: $x = Map(0.5, -1, 1, 0, 180)

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This will work fantastic with IPS... I am almost as excited as when I first got my ezb3 4 years ago... Smile


@DJ, thanks for this new release. You've been pumping these great releases out, it will take me 3 more years to caught up. Smile. You must have figured out how to clone yourself.