Omnibot 5402 Project


I found an Omnibot 5402 at an antique store, and am going to upgrade it using the DIY developer kit. Anything else I need to get besides a pack of booster cables and a motor controller? What about when I eventually convert it to a 6v lead acid battery? Any help, advice, or ideas are appreciated. I can't wait to officially start my journey to having a cool little robot to build!

My cart already has those three things ready to go haha. I have taken apart the robot and taken out the old electronics, you can see where the main board and electronics were in this album.


Hi Riley congrats on finding your Omnibot. Smile

I would read some of the other threads that are here and see what the others have done to theirs. Winky

Its an awesome platform to upgrade for sure, your only limited by your imagination these days. Pack him full of sensors, an lcd display, maybe RGB his eyes, pimp out his carrying tray, etc.

Get tricky with some servos...and i don't mean for the arms or head. Winky

All the best and have fun building.



Oh yeah, an Omnibot is a cool place to start, they are very retro


And I only got it for 25 dollars! It's pretty crazy what they accomplished back then without even computers. Can you imagine "programming" the things your ez-robot can do onto cassette tapes like on this robot? It's in good shape other than yellowed plastic but I am repainting it anyways. I just broke out my electronics tester and the original led eyes are both kaput so I will be replacing them. I am not yet sure if? I want to motorize the arms but DJ Sures included how to do that in his guide so I might even eventually. Any order ideas? @newagetomy I actually have had an armatron I got from a thrift store as a kid and that's my other favorite Tomy. It's amazing that the entire thing runs off of one motor, mechanical engaging linkages, and complex internal gearing. Nowadays you would just use multiple servos haha.



yeah exactly...a toy i recently hacked...or to be more correct stole parts from, had many plastic gears inside, looked very complex..had fun ripping it apart though knowing it will be reborn and move 100 times better. Tongue

Order ideas...what do you want the Omnibot to do?


So far I have completely taken apart the robot and put it back together. All original components have been removed. As far as structure go, I am not sure what I am going to do on the front. I am going to start out with the front being temporarily walled off. The back depends on whether I use the same shape battery as the original and then use the same mount. But, the top priority is being able to take the robot apart and putting it back together so I am going to have to make it able to disconnect from the outside. If I don't use the same type of battery I will create a mount probably onto the bottom base or the sides/back.

Gizmos: first step is creating movement. I am optimistic (probably too optimistic?) that the motors will work. If they don't I'll try and use the servos that come with the bot and the original gear box, do you have any ideas? I am not sure if the ones that come in the kit are strong enough since the robot seems kinda heavy. Also I want to set up a small faux rotating dish antenna using a continuous servo, but that's a side project. Then, I will rig up eye LEDs. Then, I will create a rotating head and controls. After that I will connect the camera eye and play with those functions. At the point my girlfriend and I will be comfortable dealing with simple hardware and software.

Eventually we are going to try and make the robot autonomous like a little robot roving around and commenting. But first we have to get the robot rolling Grin

#7 keep reading. Winky

I have many, many ideas like many others here and your GF simply need to clash heads and decide on what you want.

Like i said your only limited by your imagination.

I only joined here 2 months ago and don't have a finished robot to my name, so look at Project Showcase and you will see all the projects the other much longer term members here have built. Winky

All the best and most importantly have a blast whilst your doing it.


I just bought an Omnibot 5402 today and am so excited to see everyone's ideas. Even as a novice tinkerer I am sooooo great full to now be a part of the EZ robot community, can't wait to see what you do!


If you Google Omnibot robot project images you should see what others have done to theirs.


Hi RileyW
do you happen to need the remote control
Im looking for one