Altair Robots In Servo Magazine


It looks like Servo magazine will have the ALTAIR robots on the front page of their July edition - they have done a really nice article on me and my robotics work and even show my first programmable robot from 1979! The article is written by the brilliant author Dave Prochnow and I have a number of his tech books on my bookshelf. EZ-Robot gets several mentions as the robots brains!

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Congratulations Tony, That's Great.


That is awesome Tony. You are getting a lot of great publicity for your work!






Sweet! Grin


Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Its great having so many good and knowledgeable friends on this brilliant forum!



Great News, Congrats!


I so want one of those Smile


I have just been sent copies of the July edition of Servo Magazine here is the cover.

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