I forgot to click Robot Showcase so I am starting over here with Bob.
Bob is my 3d printed EZ robot built with EZ-Bits, 3d printed parts and hot melt glue.
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Bob has the new HDD servos and will walk soon I hope.
He has the same lights in his body that a JD has in his head.
I need to figure out where to put his camera.
It is on his shoulder right now.


I will be updating Bob's 3d printed parts and uploading them to thingiverse for anyone who wants to download them.



i like it.cool robot.


I would place the camera in his head. Winky

I like the body, does his torso move?


I will be 3d printing him a new head and hope the camera will fit.
His torso doesn't move yet.


The head would have to be fairly small for the camera not to fit, once de-cased it fits snugly into my humanoids head and his head is pretty small. Winky


Great achievement ! Congratz !


Bob is about to get a little shorter and a new head 3d printed.