Darth Vader Humanoid Robot


I made this Darth Jader for an upcoming The Robot Program episode. Wanted to share the robot exclusively with the ez-robot forum before the real episode goes live. So, here's a short video of me playing with Darth Jader... Enjoy!

PS, this robot is using the old servos (not the new HDD servos)... yuck Grin




I need to get a 3D printer....


Got some ideas? Smile


So very awesome, LOVE his helmet : )


"D"arth "J"ader... @DJ Hmmm, I see what you did there Smile ... Did you design the helmet? Really good job... Now all you have to do is turn one of your JD's into Luke Skywalker and have them do a fight skit with light sabers and dialogue... Smile


His hands are perfect for the Jedi Pinch! Grin


Awesome, love it! The best part though, is DJ humming "The Imperial March" at the end, that cracked me up in the best possible way! Grin


Lol, this is really cool.
This head is great.
Great work.

How you have change the colour from your robot?
Sprayed or painted?

Its really funny.


LOL ! I love your sense of humor !


That is so cool cool DJ! I am still trying to buy the Giant sized Starwars AT AT Empire strikes back Walker from a local shop here so I can copy what you did with it, now I will need to buy the JD bot gone Darth Vader Evil to go with it! Grin