I am building a C-3PO robot with an EZ robot brain and servo motors.
I am starting with a large plastic model of C3PO and I will make him hear, see, talk and move as well as make him interactive.

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I am also getting an extra D-Rex dinosaur to make into an EZ robot pet dino.
R2D2 will get his own EZ robot board!


This is a link to a D-Rex on ebay if anyone wants to make an EZ-Robot.


They will be very awesome once completed, so many possibilities!

The dinosaur im looking forward to seeing also, that will be fantastic to see walking.

Who's the little guy in front of the D-Rex?

Looks like a mini K-9? : )


That is just a robot to test new EZ=Bs.
I also use it to test navigation programming.
My next driving robot will have tank tracks.
I got an extra D-Rex to add an EZ-B to.
His electronics are fried, but his walking motors are good.
All of the rest of his motors seem to be good also.


Looks like the blue one on the left is ready to go before C3PO, the arms and hands look great.


The Blue one is my robot Dave.
I designed and 3d printed him, added servos and EZ-B and he works great.
Making him walk turned out to be a bit harder than I like.
I may need very expensive servos to get him walking.


That's great you 3D printed and designed Dave yourself.

Getting it to walk wouldn't be as hard as you think, yes the servos would be expensive, and will need to be strong, but a little mechanics will be needed also to help take the load off the servos for his legs.

Does he weigh much?


He is a bit heavy and tall for the size of his feet.
I wanted him to self balance, but autoposition is not smooth while reading the gyro.


Do you have a 4-1 sensor in there?

He will look awesome once you get the legs and feet a little more say hydraulic?

Shiny steel amongst the blue would look really good.