Inmoov Conversion


So I had the chance to get out into the garage and do some welding. I like metal working. So I added a pipe segment to my stand. It really is odd working on it now because it is so tall. I need to step on something to get into the head.

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Legs are done now. He's about 5' 9" tall. Things all painted up.

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Beautiful !


Yeah, It looks really tall! Nice Job.


Time to exercise those servos. Just setup a few autopositions and made them voice activated. Now that printing is done it is time to hit the programming.

Oh yeah, turn down the volume, my audio picks up awful servo noise for some reason.


What is life without Music?
He likes Primus and Janes Addiction. Crazy I know. Shouldn't have used a random seed on the A.I. Just what I need, another rebellious teen.

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Nice job, Perry, that’s a great looking InMoov! The legs are a lot of printing and work but worth it.


Just finished building and installing the Parloma Neck design for InMoov along with some new shoulder and clavicle covers:

See the test vid here:


I thought he'd be more into electronic music... Tongue


I really like that neck. I have thought about trying it out. THe operation looks a bit ratchety though. Are you happy with it?
Any progress on the walking?


#Perry_S -- I love the new neck! I think I need to adjust the timings. I'm using 5,1,1 right now. Installing the new front piece of the torso was fairly easy. For the back part which comes in four pieces, upper and lower, I only needed the upper two sections, and those, wound up sawing off the two bars that protrude to the middle. These Skateboard bearings on Amazon work like a charm:

As for progress on walking: First I just got forward and reverse control of each joint: Hip Flexion/Extension, Hip Abduction/Abduction and Knee Flexion/Extension I wrote movement scripts for each joint/direction so I could position the joints as desired, firing each motor for 200ms per script run. This gave me a chance to test the 10K feedback pots which have turned out to not be sensitive enough as installed to give me the data I need to accurately register or predict a joint's position. So I'm thinking of an installation directly over the point of rotation, or perhaps higher precision pots. I also had one IBT_2 controller only firing on one channel so ordered a replacement. That's now installed.

Another potential solution to watching joint angle could involve multiple MPU's but I think I'd need to run them through an Arduino since it seems like you can only have 1 MPU-9150 control in EasyBuilder.

In my initial static joint position tests as I moved each joint the whole Torso of the InMoov would move OVER the legs. Next I've built a script to oscillate a series of movements, including weigh shifting of the torso, and some additional weight shifting can be achieved through Abducting one leg and Adducting the other. So I messed with that until my brain cramped, then TDAY happened whereupon I had too much of everything for three days, followed with a requisite bout of gastroenteritis.

Then I got excited about this neck, and just decided to go ahead with it. Now I'm getting back on track to explore walking some more. The InMoov needs to be able to completely shift it's weight to one leg long enough to move the other leg forward, if only a shuffle. When we walk we spend a full 60% of the time in single limb support in a continual process of falling forward then stopping our fall.