When The Altair Ez:1 Met Pepper


Thanks! That's so cool! Really excited to see the doc


That was really fun to watch. Two robots interacting with each other. We live in an amazing world. Smile


That is awsome ! As Dave said finally cool to see the future!


Thanks DJ, Dave, Will - One of my favorite bits was when Pepper reacted to ALTAIRs "high five" with a "don't shoot me" - priceless! When this happened the whole crew just burst into laughter!



Lol! That's so exciting to see spontaneous reactions like that!


any pics of the bottom drive system?


Just watched that video for the first time of them meeting, that was great to see!

Easy to tell which one is more intelligent. Winky


Awesome! Grin


Thanks everyone!

Josh, I will post pics of the new locomotion drive when its completely changed over from the existing system.



Very cool video.
Robots meeting.
I think my robot Dave wanted to date a Pepper robot.
I might need to build him a friend.