Kinect Body Control


@DJ Nice plugin!... I actually have an asus xtion so in the morning I will see if it will work with your kinect plugin.... Smile


The plugin is for Microsoft xBox Kinect


@DJ Totally understand that... but the xtion is a very close clone to the kinect... It might actually work...just sayin'. If it doesn't it's ok... The xtion has been discontinued anyway, I believe...


It won't because the drivers aren't compatible. The only similarities between the two devices is their intended use-case. I don't want to give you any false hope Grin

It'd be different if the Windows OS had a built-in API that standardized these device types. Similar to how a camera (of any manufacturer) is compatible because they're built with drivers to fullfill API requirements. This allows a standard for any video hardware to connect and become a camera in the Windows OS. However, with the kinect, the driver is specific and actually a PITA because large SDK files have to be downloaded and installed, etc...


@DJ... I appreciate that and no worries... Funny thing is the timing couldn't have been better... I just finished building the second heavy duty robot arm.... The plugin would work perfectly with them.... Smile If it doesn't work I will eventually pick up a Kinect anyway...

Stay tuned as I should have a video of my BaristaBot within the next week or so... Smile


looking forward to seeing that!

as for the kinect - don't get an xbox kinect. Get the Kinect For Windows. At least, that's what i've been reading. I'm under the impression that the xbox kinect won't work outside of a development environment (i.e. visual studio).

Maybe @ptp has some input on that subject, if he sees this post


Noted... Thanks


Ops, cancel that - looks like the Kinect For Windows is discontinued or being discontinued:

But i have an xBox 360 Kinect, and it doesn't work with latest drivers. So word on the street is to get the xBox One Kinect


@DJ Winky


@DJ, @Richard

It's not forgotten but the scope got bigger and i was waiting to get a alpha version.

I'll look to my code base, and i'll post something during the weekend.