Release 2017.01.26.00


Will do, DJ.


Mac, it was just a hunch. I thought it may have something to do with my issues. Seems it did not. DJ put out a update the other day that fixed my problems. So sorry you're still having yours and that I put you throug the extra work. Thanks for the update.


Mac doesn't have a problem Smile. It's merely new settings from a few weeks ago in an update that he skipped. The new settings relate to limiting max and min sizes of detected faces to use less CPU and increase frame rate. Due to the placement of the camera (and perhaps resolution), the settings will need to be tweaked for optimal performance and reliability.


I'm in front of a PC now - here's a screenshot of the settings that were introduced a few releases ago...
User-inserted image


Oh Mac has lots of problems, just none related to EZ-Robot Grin

So all I need is the latest update? I'll give it a try this weekend if I get time. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to make a slick, tool-less access cover for the pedestal that doesn't catch on anyone's purse or coat-strap. I'm thinking some black Velcro might do the trick.



I'm thinking some black Velcro might do the trick.

neodymium magnets can also be used to tightly hold a panel in place, but opens easily with proper leverage. I use a couple to hold the access door to my electric panel in the basement closed.



Thanks Alan, that's a great idea. I actually used them to hold the EZ-Robot controller to the back of the Nook (inside the head). Should be an easy matter to recess them into the MDF.