Why EZ-Robot?

"It was very clear to me that while there were a bunch of hardware hobbyists that could assemble their own computers ... For every one of those, there were a thousand people that couldn't do that, but wanted to mess around with programming." - Steve Jobs

Steve made that quote regarding Personal Computers in the early 1980's, and it now applies to Robotics more than ever. The future of Personal Robotics may not be undefined; it is left for you to define it. EZ-Robot promotes creativity by doing the difficult and tedious work for you. Now you can build a personal EZ-Robot companion!

It is easy to notice how EZ-Robot differs from your average company. Our focus is world-changing by continuously innovating new features for your robot creations. We’re your personal R&D facility!

The age of Personal Robotics is rapidly approaching, don't get left behind! EZ-Robot has made building robots easy and fun! Start by watching Tutorial Videos to see how easy it really is.

Canadian founded by DJ Sures, EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative and powerful platform to build your dream robots. The EZ-B is a robot controller that connects to your computer or mobile device over Wi-Fi. Use the included EZ-Builder Software or EZ-SDK on your computer and control the output of the EZ-B Robot Controller. Add a range of peripherals to your EZ-Robot Project; including Cameras, Joysticks, Distance Sensors, LEDs, Servos, Digital Displays, Motor Controllers, iRobot Roomba, and more. Watch Tutorial Videos to see what EZ-Robot can do!

"Building Personal Robots doesn't get easier than this..."

For Non-Programmers

No programming experience needed! Our EZ-Builder Robot Control Software provides a visual design interface to control your robot creations. Simply connect sensors, servos, LEDs, LCDs, displays and buttons to the EZ-B Board. Now control your custom robot from the PC! [Learn More]

For Programmers

EZ-Robot introduces EZ-SDK, a new concept to Personal Robotics that harnesses the power of the PC. Use Visual Studio .Net C# or Visual Basic to control physical hardware for robotics. Your .Net program will communicate with the EZ-B Robot Controller over a Wi-Fi connection from your PC or Mobile Device. [View SDK]

Arduino Users

EZ-Robot is your next step to building impressive DIY Robotics. The knowledge you have learned from the Arduino, shields and 3 wire sensors transfer easily to the EZ-B. Plus we add Wi-Fi Connectivity, Video, Audio, Speech Recognition, Color Recognition, Motion Recognition, i2c, powerful development framework, and more!

Educational Use

EZ-Robot may seem like a fun toy for building robots. That is because we have spent countless hours designing the perfect robot controller that is so fun to use, people do not realize they are learning. EZ-Robot provides a platform that scales between beginner and advanced users. Users are taught logic, soldering, electronics and modular design all while modifying a toy shell into a Personal Robot. The excitement of having a personalized robot makes the process rewarding!


EZ-Robot is a reliable innovative platform that is also used for rapid prototyping ideas and concepts. Watch your ideas become reality in less time than ever!

What Others Say

Since the launch of EZ-B, many satisfied and excited users and media have left positive feedback. [Read Testimonials]

Why Choose EZ-Robot:

Programming in C or Assembler on a microcontroller is tricky and complicated. However, the EZ-B is controlled from either the graphical EZ-Builder Software or Visual Studio .Net on your PC. The EZ-B is easily re-usable and does not require flashing or reprogramming per project.

The less time you spend fiddling with compilers, hardware programmers and debuggers, the more time you spend building and designing robotic projects. Do those words confuse you? Compiler? Microcontroller? If so, then the EZ-B is for you!

The EZ-B Project scales from beginner to advanced users. With the purchase of the EZ-B includes lifetime firmware upgrades, you will never again need to buy another robot controller board.

Most of all, EZ-Robot is not just a project... It is a community of like-minded enthusiasts with a passion for robotics. EZ-Robot brings people together from all over the world to make personal robotics a reality. [Visit Community Forum]

EZ-Robot Advantages:

EZ-Robot was founded by Canadian Roboticist DJ Sures, who is the creator of many popular robots. Combining his vast knowledge and experience of robotics, EZ-Robot has been designed as an all-in-one hardware and software solution for robotics. The circuit board contains a low energy power supply, a Wi-Fi antenna module, digital I/O, ADC, video, audio, servo control, serial ports, and more!

Our robot controller supports the EZ-Builder software interface to control your robot, without even needing to program! Watch the Video Tutorials to see how easy it is to add Camera Vision Tracking, Speech Recognition, Joystick Control and more to your robot without writing any code!

For those interested in programming, the .Net EZ-SDK exposes the advanced EZ-B features. Including camera tracking, facial tracking, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and more.

You can quickly recognize how the EZ-Robot Project was designed for reusable scalability. Build many DIY Robots with a single EZ-B Controller by simply moving the board between projects.


Asking what programming language is better is like asking which tool is better between a hammer and a screwdriver. The answer depends on what tool suites the job. EZ-Script is a scalable programming language within the EZ-Builder Robot Control Software. The syntax is similar to Basic with C similarities. EZ-Script contains robot-friendly commands which are specific to the EZ-Builder environment. These commands enable users the ability to customize EZ-Builder controls in real-time. EZ-Script is easy, which allows you to focus on building your EZ-Robot’s behaviour while teaching you how to program.

Open Framework:

Whether you label yourself as a Beginner, Hacker, Modder, or Student... We know your goal is to build great personal robots, products and interfaces with the EZ-SDK. We encourage any code you develop using the EZ-B to be released Open-Source and protected under any software license you choose. The code for DJ's EZ-B projects are released as examples in EZ-Builder or EZ-SDK.

Did You Know?

  • There are thousands of EZ-Robot customers across 119 countries
  • There are 2.8 people at any minute of the day watching an EZ-Robot Tutorial Video
  • EZ-Builder has over 30,000 lines of C++ and C# code
  • EZ-SDK has 22,000 lines of C++ and C# code
  • EZ-B Firmware has over 2,500 lines of Assembler code
  • EZ-Robot Inc. was founded November 10, 2011 (10.10.11)
  • EZ-Robot concept was conceived in April 2010 with this Wall-E Robot

Other EZ-Robot Uses:

  • Companion Robots
  • Educational Learning
  • Product Prototyping
  • Art/Sculptures
  • Home Automation
  • Remote Presence Robotics
  • Security Robots
  • Integrated Security Systems
  • Flying Robots Drones
  • Disabled Person Assistance Tools