EZ-Robot News

Inspiring Future Roboticists!

8 months ago

Check out JD, SIX, and ROLI in this article as they help to inspire the next generation of roboticists!

Happy April Fools' Day!

11 months ago

Take a peek behind-the-scenes of The Robot Program with our hilarious blooper reel, just in time for April Fools' Day! Check out the video in our latest newsletter.

Code and Communicate Using Twitter

11 months ago

With the continued growth of connectivity and remote communication, the Internet of Things is an important topic for digital literacy. Teach students to send robot commands using Twitter as they learn about connecting and controlling devices.

Teach Computational Thinking With Vision Recognition

11 months ago

Whether students are programming paths or teaching robots to recognize objects, our advanced camera provides opportunities for computational thinking. Learn more in our latest newsletter.

Celebrating Women in Technology!

11 months ago

On International Women's Day, we celebrate women in technology while empowering students to be future leaders and innovators.

Introducing Educators Guides for the Classroom

12 months ago

Support your EZ-Robot teaching practice with any of our four Educators Guides. Whether your students are programming a new position for JD or learning about space exploration with ROLI, our useful Educators Guides will get you started.

Bring Space Exploration to the Classroom Using Robotics

1 year ago

As NASA says goodbye to its Opportunity rover, students can learn more about robots in space exploration and research discovery with Roli Rover. Learn more in our latest newsletter.

Engage Students with Text-to-Speech for Valentine's Day Fun

1 year ago

Engage students with Valentine's Day fun and robots! Integrate writing and literary devices with technology through our latest poem and joke performance challenge.

Teach Probability Using Machine Learning and Robots

1 year ago

Bring machine learning into your classroom to teach probability, predictions, patterns, and more. Learn more in our latest newsletter.

Create Sequences and Equations in RoboScratch

1 year ago

Take on our sequential programming challenge! Teach coding basics while allowing students to predict and understand the robot's actions as a step-by-step process. Learn more in our latest newsletter.

Teach Creative Thinking with 3-D Printed Robots

1 year ago

Teach creative thinking skills through robotics and 3-D printing using the Shell-E Innovation Kit. Available now! Find out more in our latest newsletter.

Introducing the Shell-E Innovation Kit!

1 year ago

Integrate design, 3-D printing, electronics, and coding into your STEAM classroom with the Shell-E Innovation Kit.

Take a Lesson with Professor E

1 year ago

Meet Professor E and learn about integrating EZ-Robot in your STEAM classroom. Read more in our latest newsletter.

Happy Holidays!

1 year ago

Celebrate the festive season with STEAM-inspired activities. Choreograph a holiday dance or countdown to the New Year using loops and variables!

Design a Robot Recipe

1 year ago

Take on The Robot Program Challenge and create a step-by-step set of instructions (“recipe”) for your robot to execute.

Celebrating Coding Education

1 year ago

Celebrate computer science and technology education with The Robot Program and classrooms around the world.

Introducing Virtual Reality Robotics

1 year ago

Create authentic learning experiences using our Virtual Reality Robot plugin. Take advantage of our Black Friday offers until November 30th to integrate innovation in your classroom.

Get Ready for Black Friday!

1 year ago

All online orders ship for free! It will also be your last chance to purchase BattleFlipper, discounted by 20% until Nov 30th. Learn more about the Revolution robots and how you can inspire creativity and lifelong learning with EZ-Robot.