EZ-Robot News

Ricky Ma's Scarlett Johansson EZ-Robot

1 month ago

Ricky Ma has no formal training in robotics. He spent three years and $50,000 building a robotic Scarlett Johansson using the EZ-Robot platform.

Choosing Your EZ-Robot and Developer Kit

3 months ago

Professor E demonstrates the features of AdventureBot, Roli, Six and JD. Also see what is possible with the EZ-Bv4 Developer Kit.

EZ-Robot Developer Kit Unboxing by Makerhacks

3 months ago

EZ-Robot is a robotics platform for Windows by some smart people based out of Calgary, Canada. While EZ-Robot is a sophisticated, true robotics platform, wit...

Black Friday Robot Sale is Almost Over!

3 months ago

Black Friday Sale Ends November 27, 2017! Free shipping on orders over $100. Save up to 40% on robots and accessories!

Happy Halloween! *Bleep bloop*

4 months ago

Our robots like to dance... especially on Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

4 months ago

Our robots REALLY like to dance, especially at Halloween!

Are Robots Safe? Help humanity... not destroy it!

5 months ago

While ezrobot makes developing robots easy, it's important to remember that we must be responsible and consider how the application helps humanity... not destroy it.

Mark Zuckerberg visits students building ezrobots for elderly

5 months ago

Kudos to Dr. Haridas Chandran, Dept. of Physical Sciences at Belfry School in Kentucky! Mark Zuckerberg visited the students to see their ezrobots, which are...

Program Robot Movements with Glyphs

6 months ago

Do what no other robot platform can - program your robot to track glyphs and more. Use machine vision to teach robot objects and your face... and more!

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

6 months ago

EZ-Robot's JD Humanoid takes another role on stage as A.L.Ex (artificial language experiment) in this unscripted U.K. improvisation, EdFringe!

Do it like Boston Dynamics - Using Glyphs!

7 months ago

Professor E and the Robot Overlord DJ Sures demonstrate how glyphs are used by million dollar robots to understand their environment - and how you can try it at home, for much less! This week's article focuses on computer vision activities.

Vision Object Training and Detection Made Easy

7 months ago

Experience machine learning with vision object and training using your robot camera at home for free! Christopher gets his hands dirty building an EZ-Robot JD Humanoid. 9 year old Hayden built a Captain America robot. And more!!

The Robot Weekend Starts Now!

7 months ago

Artificial intelligence, vision & speech recognition, build a mobile app, and more. Spend the weekend with your robot using these activities, invent something and change the world!

Meet JD the Humanoid Robot!

7 months ago

Christopher gets his hands dirty building a JD Humanoid robot. Join Professor E on a journey into the past, present and future of robotics. What's on your robot workbench? 7 year old Nolan, 10 year Cameron show their robots. So much more!

JD Humanoid Robot

7 months ago

JD Humanoid from EZ-Robot is a kit for building a humanoid robot that can be controlled and programmed over WiFi. Here, Christopher Barnatt unboxes and assembles the robot.

Children building robots. Most powerful robot software. And more...

7 months ago

6 year old Nolan and 10 year old Cameron showcase their custom programmed EZ-Robots. Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E give an overview of the most powerful robot software, EZ-Builder. Step-by-step instructions to program your robot to greet you

Where Did Robots Come From?

7 months ago

Professor E provides an entertaining and educational insight into the past and future of robotics. Two artificial intelligent EZ-Robots have curious conversations. Personalize your EZ-Robot with crafts and markers. Lost in space is here!

Learn about technology using robotics!

8 months ago

Learn or teach technology at home or in the classroom with The Robot Program. A weekly video series that teaches building, programming, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and more!