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My Robot Story

My robot story For many years ( more than I would like to remember) I have been a programmer. I have carried out research into many areas of computer science. A friend suggested that I might find it interesting to take a look at robotics. I did not really know where to start. So after some surfing I came across EZ-Robot. I purchased my first robot about two years ago. Revolution JD. Well I have to say this changed my life as far as computer science and related studies are concerned. Using my Revolution JD and EZ Builder I began to have some real fun. I then decided to purchase a 4ft tall Meccano Meccanoid. With the intention of turing into an EZ controlled robot. I put the end...

Giving A Meccano G15 Ks An Ez Makeover

Hi there, my name is Tez, I have just completed EZ-Robotifying my G15 KS. Not a technical term but sounds good anyway. All the servos are now EZ and are controlled by the EZ-B v4 controller. The motors that allow the G15 KS to move around are now powered separately by a Sabertooth 2x12 which in turn is also controlled by the EZ-B v4 controller. A camera is present a shown in the images below. In addition to the camera is a Sharp HC-SR04 that is being used to help the ex-meccanoid now know as Jeeves to avoid objects. The meccabrain still remains within the frame as it may be useful later on in drone mode. I am awaiting my EZ grippers to replace the original plastic static hands. I also hav...