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Robot Albert E

Hi Everyone, Here is some info about Robot Albert E, my 2nd robotics project. Robot Albert E is a life-sized head in a picture-portrait frame. He will be used to help me add interest at Bible Seminars that I teach. I used metal-geared micro servos because I had not learned how to prevent violent servo action on start-up. Several non-metal geared ones failed with the start-up stress. I have since found programming info from DJ and some of you that prevent this! Below are some pictures and also a link to my website where you can view a video I made using Robot Albert E to promote my seminars. Because the servos could be heard loudly in the video I had to edit the audio with a "voi...

A Robot Saw Christmas

Hi Everyone, It's great to be a part of this fantastic hobby. This is my first post and my first project. Each year my family looks for ways to honor Jesus at Christmas. Everyone participates in some way, from the youngest to the oldest (that's almost me!). We have done skits, made movies, played music, etc. This year I made a robotic head (Gabriel) that can dialog with family members. Each person will ask Gabriel a question from a card they have been given. Gabriel will answer each question and in the process tell the Christmas Story (as he claims he saw it happen). My 8 year old grandson wants to help with the next project which he wants to be a home security robot that can cli...