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This little robot grew out of my son's insistence on building the sample project pictured on the Tamiya Universal Arm Set packaging (see first pic below). Not wanting to duplicate the sample exactly, I changed a few things here and there and then stumbled upon the shell of a cheap convenience store RC vehicle to help pull it all together. The EZ-B fits inside the RC shell rather nicely. I Still need to finish the power system and run wire. I just received his battery pack in the mail several days ago so it's time to get back to it! Here are a few pics of his progress... Presenting: Jaws: EZ-B in a half-shell: Takin' Out the Trash: Judgement Day: Piling On:

Vanilla Ice

Updated on 10/6/2013 - Go to end of thread for more... For pics and progress on Vanilla's Nixie Tube Eyes, ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take heed, some day he'll be a lyrical poet... for now let's focus on scrubbing the 27 years of lead battery acid and insect detritus from his yellowing shell - with a little help from Jacques the crab and, ever the looky-loo, Mr. Bubble! I wanted to called this guy Mr. White Christmas but my son Z was set on Vanilla Ice. He's in the early planning stages and remains as yet unmodified....

Little WALL-E

This here currently-headless wonder is Little WALL-E... Little WALL-E was once of the Interaction variety and, although clean, he came to me sans head. I didn't ask and he hasn't said. Either way we're in the market for a replacement if anyone has a spare. And a few pics of his progress... Tops | Updated 7/3/2011 () Under Tops | Updated 7/3/2011 () Tails | Updated 7/3/2011 () Under Tails | Updated 7/3/2011 () Ta-da! | Updated 7/3/2011 () Under the Hood | Updated 7/3/2011 ()


My son named this guy Big WALL-E in comparison to the smaller Interaction model he aptly named Little WALL-E... Big WALL-E began life as a U-Command model and he (and his unfortunate owner) apparently spent a great deal of time over the past few years in some sort of second-hand smoker's Nirvana; yet I saw no mention of it on his eBay listing. At any rate, he was cheap and he dried out after a few months so it all worked out. Although it did take some time convincing a 5 year-old that Big WALL-E was destined for greater things and that playing with him while he was still oozing nicotine was a recipe for asthmatic disaster. Here are a few pics of his progress... Tops: Under Tops: Tai...