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Star Wars Bb-8 Robot Suitcase

To get in the spirit of the Star Wars “holiday” ... I decided to share this project ... still in progress ... and struggling for more time. May the fourth be with you " Last year in a nearby shopping mall..." Last year during a weekend trip my little engineer D.J. picked a rolling BB-8 suitcase from a Disney store. The Disney online store does not carry anymore the suitcase, although you can read a review here: The suitcase has been always with him... so i waited patiently for an opportunity to hack the suitcase .... That day finally arrived... So this the beginning of o...

Ezb V4 Custom Firmware V2

Hello everyone, I would like to share the new custom firmware available for EZB 4. Currently i'm beta testing the firmware fixing and polishing the code. I'm still open for ideas, please comment. 1) Initial screen: 2) Access point configuration: 3) Client/Station mode configuration: 4) HOST/EZB configuration: 5) Ports Configuration: 6) Tools Working in progress I will describe in another post the new features.