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Niek's Omnibot Restoration

This is a continuation of my original thread, "". Though I technically finished my omnibot about a year ago, I was too impatient to take the time and put it together well. He was roaming around for a while before both his shoulders broke off (they were put on using hot glue). This is how he'd been spending the last year: . reminded me how great building robots is. That's why I decided to completely take apart and rebuild my omnibot. Here's what I plan on doing: 1. Fixing his shoulders, wrists and claw. 2. Laser-cutting a volt- and ammeter panel to replace the fake tape deck. 3. Building a new mount for his head servo. Before I used popsickle sticks, so as y...

Niek's Omnibot Adventure

I loved the idea about modding my own omnibot so i found one on ebay and bought it :P My initial plan is pretty basic, just put in some servo's for the head and arms, i have an H-bridge for the movement and put in a camera. I bought it for about $51 and $64 shipping, but I ended up paying an extra $45 on import duties (which I think is ridiculous because it's not even sold anymore) I just got the box with my omnibot (it was shipped inside a burger king box ): Look at all those stamps! thank you! Here comes the head What a beautiful baby.. Fortunately, he wasn't that discoloured from the sun so I just washed him and didn't have to repaint. Here's the...

Dancing Droid

I just saw this on youtube: And i directly knew i HAD to make one, so i ordered 2 android puppets and a lot of really cheap mini servo's ($3,17 each) on Dealextreme. The idea is to make little scripts in ez-builder for every dance move and make them start via music recognition (is there such a control in ez-builder?) Anyways, i hope they arrive soon and i'll keep y'all updated!