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2nd Inmoov Build

So I started my second Inmoov without a name yet. I haven't given up on Gideon, my 1st Inmoov, I have learned a lot from my first Inmoov and will apply it to my 2nd Inmoov. Anyway I am a long ways from completed. Here is the right forearm, I'm putting the fingers together soon. I'm having a dilemma whether I wanted to have Finger tip sensors or not. I do want a sensor in the hand somewhere so I can tell if something is close to the hand.

Gideon Inmoov

I have not been here for sometime been busy with that dirty word, work. I have ,however, been redesigning my bottom half of Gideon. I have been gone so long I have forgotten basic commands, which soon I will be relearning. I now have 4 EZb4's to separate body parts and maybe someday it will all come together. I forgot to give credit to D Cochran for the idea

Mo, My Inmoov

I'm finished building my Inmoov, Mo. Finely! Almost, waiting for a new EZB4 to power Inmoov's head. Still have lots more to add to him. I shortened the neck part to fit the big head on Inmoov. You can see the difference in the second video.

Inmoov With A Slight Modification

This Inmoov is a big project for an armature like me. I have lots to finalize and complete. I will be starting to add scripts in EZB4 to being Inmoov alive in the next few days, maybe weeks. I know this will be the hardest for me as it makes my head hurt most often then none. *stress* I know I will learn many new things as I progress. And not to fool my self, I will probably have many questions.*blush* I just ordered my second EZB4 for all the servos this robot needs. :) In the mean time I will use one of my EZB3 with the EZB4.