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Web Programmer with .Net

Inmoov Project

This is my InMoov Project which is a downloadable open source 3d printing project that I am working on. Robot is life sized. I am using EZ- Robot and EZ Face. I will possibly be using a Kinect for advanced recognition and hopefully EZ will support this or some one else will come up with a plug in also. If not I will probably use VB.net and attach.

Inmoov Project

Using EZ Robot for controller.

6 Servo Arm Using Vb.net, Visual Studio 2010 Code And Video

Hi, I am writing a lot of code for EZ and I would like to share some of VB code. Here is the code for the video below. I am still working out timing and speed of servos. [code] If EzB_Connect1.EZB.Servo.GetServoPosition(Servo.ServoPortEnum.D0) 1 Then EzB_Connect1.EZB.Servo.SetServoPosition(EZ_B.Servo.ServoPortEnum.D1, 0) 'wrist Thread.Sleep(500) EzB_Connect1.EZB.Servo.ReleaseServo(Servo.ServoPortEnum.D1) End If If EzB_Connect1.EZB.Servo.GetServoPosition(Servo.ServoPortEnum.D2) 48 Then EzB_Connect1.EZB.Servo.SetServoPosition(EZ_B.Servo.ServoPortEnum.D2, 48) 'shoulder Thread.Sleep(1000)...

Warehouse Distribution Robot Prototype

Here is the prototype of robot I am testing for warehouse distribution. Nothing special at this time Standard Thumper body ..usual EZ Robot parts. I need to add lifting platform and naviagtion system. I plan to implement with a current warehsouse system in use. I will be using .net, probabaly vb.net. Any ideas on a lifting platform woudl be appriciated. I using this basically be a platform to work out the software. Has anyone used Microsoft Robotics Stuio with EZ ?