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G-bot Video

Finally had a chance to look at some video from Halloween. Here is a brief video of the G-Bot in action. Thanks so much to everyone who helped me get him ready. @Rich @Richard R @Dave Shulpius et al

The G-bot (gwen's B9 Robot Project) Gets His First Test Outside Fully Assmebled

Took the G-Bot outside for the first time with him fully built up... Nerve racking to say the least... The bad new: He ended up off the driveway in a ditch tipping JUUUUSSSST shy of going over... wheww... The control is a bit unnatural due to the lag and the way the ramping seems to continue for a time after input stops. Add to that my driveway is uneven and mildly inclined plus, my notebook seemed to be working hard. There seemed to be a com delay too. Note to self: Do not wear flip flops while experimenting with a 300 lb robot and NEVER get the front of one under a tread... Note to self two: Get a wireless game controller and NEVER let the cord of the current one get under a tread... Ve...