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Wall-e Wall-e From Poland - Tribute To My Newborn Child - Marcel :-)

Hello Everyone ! First of all I would like to thank all of You for great inspiration to building robot, specially DJ Sures and Louis T . Many of Yours ideas were copied in my project guys. It takes almost 3 months to build Wall-e with 12 servos, Mp3 trigger, amplifier, camera, ultrasonic distance sensor, laser diode and some other stuff... Now it's time to programm something ;-) (and by the way, sorry for my English I'm not a native speaker ;-) The biggest challange in construction: - head - many small parts in small head: 4 servos (2 servos for movement 2 parts of head independently, and 2 for eyebrow movement), camera, laser diode, blue right eye - and of course the n...