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Eva Foam (anti Fatigue Mats) Bb8

Been working on a lifesize BB8. I have made him using paper mache and EVA foam floor tiles. He is a semi static build, he doesn't roll around but his moves (tilts/turns) He also has sound effects and will soon have LED and Thumbs up blow torch.

Working On A Baby Dragon.

ALL VIDEOS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL, when I was a kid I always liked to build those wooden dinosaur/dragon/spider kits. You know the ones that all linked together, no glue needed. I would pretend they would come to life and stuff like that. Well thanks to EZ Robot I am now making my dreams come true. I am building an animatronic Dragon in the same style as those wooden kits. I am using white plastic garbage cans as the main material for this build, I am also using some light wood for the main body to screw everything on to. Here is what I have so far. Testing size of wing. Here is the bui...