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Retired Intel engineer who worked in the Innovation Center. I'm very interested in technology that helps families serve as remote caregivers for their parents faengelm@gmail.com

Roli The Climber

I was so impressed with the new HDD servos I decided to give them a try on a project I've been thinking about for a while... adding some "arms" and "legs" so that the Roli Rover could climb over obstacles. So I added arms and legs to the Roli and wrote just a simple script to make it move and activate the HDD servos... see video below The HDD servos are really great! Regards, Frank

Rider The Ball Kicker Servo Port Numbers

I don't see the actual port numbers defined in the instructions as they are for other projects. I didn't see the ports listed under Project Details either I need this info to execute the Auto Position Actions such as Kick Thanks, Frank