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Printed - Revolution Six

Dears, I bought EZ- V4 for my Wall E upgrade. For Six Revolution I used remaining EZ-V3. Hardware is ready . Now software. Please does exist any possibility how to reverse servo movement via Auto position panel ? I used 4 servos from ez-robot set, but they have reverse movement unlike the rest 8 servos. Can you help me ?

Wall-e From Czech Republic

The first real but not main reason for Wall-E construction was that my son loves movie Wall-E and the second one was that I lost my son because of his abduction by his mother from his home and subsequent divorce in a country where the law is just a piece of paper. This (Wall-E robot construction) was and is a way I could be with my son. So back to the project. Wall-E from Louis T was an inspiration for me. But I found own way how to solve construction challenges, how to replace wrong or destroyed servos etc. List of necessary parts: EZB Board V3 Metal gear digital high speed modified continuous servos for wheels - HS5245MG Micro metal gear servos for wheels tilt -HS81MG. Mini metal...