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Artamus, The Rambo Knight Robot Hack

Artamus, the Rambo Knight Autobot Robot Hack #1 Soft Hack Includes a Hack of the RC Controller only. Requires no modifications to actual robot, allows grandkids (if they want) to add EZ Robot control for movement, VR, and voice synthesis. EZB and hardware can sit on table, not required to be on robot. The 5 volt relay board is an overkill, but I already had it. #2 Intermediate Hack, requires EZB on board robot. This hack allows for movement of the upper wheels and door wings. Not shown in #2/#3 video was the addition of head pan & tilt, and L.E.D. eyes. The two robot batteries, or one, can power this hack. #3 No Regrets, no turning back Hack. It included an H Bridge wit...

Resistance Is Futile "7 Of 9" Borg From Star Trek, My Recreation

Yes, it is another Star Trek character, and she thinks, she is "Irresistible". I started this project last December and been sidetracked by another project and life. This is as far as it went, but thought I would share it. 7 uses a lightweight fiberglass body, a DIY eye with movement, a plasma disc, an EZ Robot camera, lotiny, micro servos, and Borg weathered mostly DIY hardware. Since this video, I applied a green film to the plasma disc, to create a more "Borg" look.

Elvis Gains An Extra Degree With Ez Robot Hdd. Elvis Alive Robot Hack With Ez

" Elvis Alive" Robot Hack with EZ Robot, lotiny controller, and software. I purchased a non functional unit from E-Bay that would not complete startup. My intention was, if I could not repair it, it would be useful for a robotic build. After evaluation, one motor gear was not completing startup sequence. I repaired that, and the unit completed the startup sequence. Merne kindly sold me an extra controller that he had. The WowWee Robot was great, but it lacked any realistic rotation motion. I planned, and built a Rotation Pedestal that adds so much more realism to the "Elvis Alive" Robot. I can program it for each song or let it choose up to 6 random rot...

Elvia The Ez Robot Powered Android-elvis "hack"

Elvia the EZ Robot powered Android-Elvis "Hack" I have been away from robotics for a while, spending time with my brother, who recently lost his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. He loved coming over to fly and record vids on the drone. I purchased the WooWee Elvis from EBay that already had all the electronics removed. After reviewing some of "Hacks" on the net, I decided I would try using existing parts that I already had on hand, to convert the bot to an EZ Robot. First I disassembled the unit. Then I removed the control boards from numerous EZ Robot servos and attempted to control as many of the existing original DC motors as possible. I was able t...

Lt. Commander Data's Child "lal"

Lt. Commander Data's child "Lal" My latest project which is powered by a EZB4, is a re-creation of Lt. Commander Data's android daughter Lal. It is based on Star Trek, The Next Generation, season 3:16 "The Offspring". She is intended to be a Humanoid house robot with less degrees of freedom movement from my previous robot Captain AnnDroid. I wanted to keep her her low maintenace, basic, and dependable. She is about 4 ft. tall and weighs about 13 lbs. " After new a servo addition" Lal's head utilizes 3 HD EZ Robot servos for pan (rotate left and right), tilt (up and down). and head daisy (like a puppy dog). 2 HD EZ Robot servos for arm moveme...

Ez Robot Railroad Observation Car

This is my latest EZ Robot project, first w EZB4. Using a EZB4, camera, and servo to direct the view on the Silverton O Scale Railroad. I have always wanted a camera to ride the rails on my layout, and can even control it. Now w EZ Robot I have it, combining my hobbies. ;)

Lynx Robot 1996? Reborn W/ez Robot

This is my latest project. Vintage Lynx Robot Arm(1996?) reborn with EZB Attending a HAM Fest in Peoria, Illinois, amateur radio and electronics show maybe 1996, I ran into Jim Frye and talked with him, ("The Robot Guy", inventor of Lyxnmotion) peddling robot kits outside! It was an early (robot arm) Lynx motion kit he was demonstrating. I was so impressed that I purchased a kit along with 4 extra Hobbico servos, add on option, instructions to convert servos to continuous rotation (mobile base), plus a Scott Edwards SSC controller kit 1st edition? (a bag of electronic parts with instructions). The arm required much fabrication and assembly. Surprisingly all of...

Rolling Bot Ez Robot Experiment

Rolling Bot EZ Robot Experiment, This is an experiment using EZ Robot after watching Hackaday mini gravity robot. I wanted to see what EZ Robot would do. Parts List 2- continuous rotation servos 2- Maxwell House coffee lids 1 EZ Robot EZB3 1- one by two 1 -turnigy Lipo battery numerous screws The EZ Robot version appeared much simpler then the Arduino version. The robot balances because the weight is below the center of gravity of the coffee lid centers. This was just an experiment, but I have many ideas to use this application. It was fun to build and explore! Grandkids loved playing with it. I love tinkering and EZ Robot is a great way to accomplish that.. Steve S...

Mini 6 Fabricated Robot

Mini 6 fabricated Robot This is my next EZ Robot, after helping my grandson Hunter build his first robot. I have always liked the Six by EZ Robot, so I wanted to build a mini. Thank You EZ Robot and D.J. Sures. My Six is powered with a EZB3 controller. It is made with very simple parts, micro servos, aluminum stock, concrete anchors, Numerous screws and bolts, Dollar tupperware type bowl, 2 in 1 Bluetooth speaker. "Lots of trial and error!" 12 custom fabricated aluminum brackets 42 center punches 42 holes & deburring I have to say it has been very rewarding, could not include everthing I wanted to build now, have many new ideas to add later. Hope you...

Robot Captain Ann Droid

This is my first showcase of my robot. Her name is Captain Ann Droid. My last robot was built 25 yrs. ago. When I told my wife and daughter I was going to build a faster and smarter robot they told me it should be a female? She uses an Irobot Create platform, EZ robot kit and software, Radio Shack blue tooth speech unit and other parts. EZ robot has been far above my expectations. Thanks D.J. I hope my links work. Steve S Thank you to the EZ robot community ;)