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Ez-robot Arm

hi there, here is one of my robot projects: "The EZ-Robot Arm" tell him what to do and he does it. :D

Ez-robot "kissmet"

here is one of my robot projects: Kissmet Kissmet is a humanoid with an black Ez-Robot Backpack. he has puppet eyes and a LED-mouth. Kissmet can show a lot of emotions :P ;) *eek* :D under the black surface on his head he has touch sensors. I was inspired by Kismet from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), year 1990: cheers Marty

Ez-robot - My Robi 2.0

today Im finishing my Robi 2.0 Project. EZ-B 4.0, 21 servos, 22ft cables, 6 sensors, led-boards, camera, stereo speaker, 17,8 inches tall, 5,0 pounds, 6 months of programming. In the future I'm going to change the stickers to ez robot logos :D thanks DJ <3 Hand/ Addon