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Hello, Now that I have moved on from my Inmoov I have been itching for a project. I would really like something unique and I have been enjoying the design aspect of it. Since I never properly named my Inmoov I am starting with a name. It is Scratch. Because I am sure it will get it's share of dings and scratches but also because I am starting this design from scratch. A singe eye is where I will start. I wanted a gimbled eye that looked kinda cool. It needs to move in the X and Y direction. I wanted it to have some form of interactive feature that could be used to help emote. So a blinkiing iris type of eyelid it will be. I also wanted a camera and a neopixel ring in the eye. So he...

Inmoov Conversion

Hello all, I wanted to start my own thread to discuss my Inmoov and my conversion to EZ Robot. I appreciate all the work by the MRL guys but I struggle with it. I am indebted to the help they gave me but I needed something a little more along in development with some documentation. So here is my guy. Pretty standard build as far as inmoov's go. Here's the back. All the standard inmoov components. Dual 256 Megas, Nervo boards USB hub, Power supplys etc. So the tear down begins. I need to clean up that wiring too. What a rats nest! I just received my EZR controller and camera so I have no idea how to program it yet. I figured I would at least try to set up a G...