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Humanoid #3, The Miniplan

Hi everybody, It's been awhile and I'm back to humanoids again. Last march, I bought my first 3d printer kit and it's been life altering lol. I got a FLSun Kossel mini Delta machine. It's been pretty good so far, I've put alot of hours on it already. So, while looking thru thingiverse, I found this lil dude and started printing. Heres a short build progression. I'll post videos after I get some moves programmed.

Humanoid #2

Hey everybody, its been awhile since I built a bot, and I'm back to humanoids again lol. This is a cheap 15 DOF robot kit that I found on ebay. All the kit included was powdercoated aluminum brackets, screws, and those awesome aluminum servo horns. No instructions. So, I kinda built it my own way, with a layout similar to JD. I used MG995 servos because theyre cheap, metal geared, and (supposedly) 208 oz/in of torque. only the head servo gets its power from the EZ-B, all the rest get power from a Castle Creations 10 amp regulator. It's not enough. From what I read, these servos draw 2 amps each...gonna add more regulators later. Ok, enough chit chat, watch the video and lookit the pics!...


Hey everybody:) I'm seeing alot of new projects out there, glad to see that Ez-Robot is getting so popular:) I've been busy on something new as well, I was really going for something unique. So here's the parts list: Roomba Dirt Dog from goodwill: $6.50 lol New battery for said Dirt Dog: $33.50 12 standard s3003 servos: $120 Ez-B: $69 Castle Creations 6s 10amp regulator: $22.50 Ez-Camera $50 LED Flashlight: $4.99 Aiwa rear surround speaker: Freebie I started by opening up the roomba and getting power right off the battery plug. This is like 16v, so from there the power goes straight to the regulator. If you use this approach, the ez-b is powered all the time....

Everybody, Meet "phil":)

Just got my EZ-B today, and I hit the ground running:) This is my robophilo robot. He's the cheapest 20 DOF robot on the market. PHILO stands for "Programmable Humanoid In Lifelike Operation". I Think the creators may have overlooked the cryptic acronym lol. I just set up the AutoPosition with his first movement. I cant believe how easy this is, I got him to this point in just a couple hours:) These are all standard servos, but with all of them running off the EZ-B, the regulators make some serious heat. Even had a couple brownouts. For now I'm using a 12v 3A power supply. The onboard battery is a 2 cell 750mah Li-po (8A continuous 15A max heli batteries lol) that I haven't tried yet.The nex...

Motion Activated Camera Pause Toggle

So, as I'm waiting for robot parts to arrive, I've been goofin around with EZ-Builder. I just wanted to try this to see if it would work. In the Camera tracking scripts, I used ControlCommand("Camera", CameraRecordPauseOn) and ControlCommand("Camera", CameraRacordPauseOff) to toggle camera recording based on whether or not the camera saw motion. I have the script set to 5 frames before Script execution. 5 frames of motion, the camera rolls. 5 frames of lost tracking, the camera pauses. What made me laugh is what the camera picked up. While my girl and I were in the other room watching a movie, my a-hole dog got caught in the act of downing all the cat food. Yay. DJ, this software rocks. :D...

Radio Shack Robie Meets Roomba

I just got this little gem today, bought from ebay for $29.77 shipped:) Its an original Radio Shack Robie from 1984, clean with a unscathed dome:) Not even the talking one either, this lil guy has two functions: forward and turn in reverse, the arms are just for show...and I didn't get a controller with it. So, he's a blank canvas :D The idea I have is to mount him on a roomba to house the ez-b and a camera, build a couple of arms and have myself a retro looking cleaning robot with an attitude lol ;) Damn, this thing is small; I have a Nintendo R.O.B. that I converted to R/C with a C6C 6 channel controller, and Robie is smaller than that. Stay tuned, this oughta be fun :D